How to register a domain in 5 keys

Registering a domain for your project on the Internet can represent the key to making your page a success. Not in vain, it will be name with which they will recognize you on the Internet and the one your potential customers will write in the browser to enter your site. Here’s how to register the perfect domain in 5 keys.r

1. Think about your goals and look for a domain that meets them.
Do you want to sell the products of your store? Do you want to get followers? Do you sell custom clothing? Do you offer a personalized service? The answers to these questions should mark the line to follow in the search of your perfect domain. They must inspire the rest of the keys that we propose to you at the time of registering it.

2. It should represent the essence of your project.
The mark of your project is very important. You may have already become a referent in the offline world, but you still have to get it on the Internet.

If you have a name in mind that seems creative and original, we recommend you think how your client perceives it. With that name, will you know what you are doing? What products or services do you offer? Where to find you?

If your domain does not comply, we recommend that you complement this registry with others that may be of interest to your potential customers. For this, the following key can help you.

como crear correo empresarial
como crear correo empresarial

3. Rate which extensions you are interested in registering your domain: .com, .es, .net, .org, .barcelona, ​​.online …
The .com is one of the extensions most used when registering a domain. However, there are others that can help you add value to your name on the Internet.

On the one hand, there are territorial extensions. If your business is linked to a specific geographical area, you may find it interesting to register your domain under the country ‘s extension: .es, .pt, .fr … There are also extensions dedicated to areas of our country: .cat for Catalonia,. Eus to Euskadi o .gal to Galicia.

On the other hand, there are other extensions of domain that add information to what is already saying your name: .store, .bio, .blog … This can be interesting if you have thought of an attractive name, but that does not offer any reference on What you do For example, if you want to put your name on your photo store, you may be interested in the extension .photo so that your potential clients will know what you are doing: “”.

4. It should be easy to remember and write.
The simpler your domain, the more chances you have for your potential customers to reach your website. Here are some ideas you can take into account to register your domain:

Choose a short name.
Avoid using special characters.
Do not include abbreviations or acronyms.

5.Do not forget SEO
Among the more than 200 factors that can influence your website is among the first results of search engines, is the domain registration. It is important that you keep it in mind if you want your online project to have visibility and increase your visits.

Among the requirements that you must fulfill to strengthen your positioning is to register your domain under your own identity and in your own account. If you need it, later, you can give access to a trusted employee or a webmaster for the steps you may need.

With all these keys, you are likely to come up with a lot of ideas. We recommend that you list them and then check their availability and suitability for your online project. If you feel it is necessary, register variations of your domain and redirect them all to your main domain . It’s a sure way to protect your brand and find you easily.

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